In memoriam - Eftimie Murgu (1805-1870) Cover Image

In memoriam - Eftimie Murgu (1805-1870)
In memoriam - Eftimie Murgu (1805-1870)

Author(s): Mariana Neguțu
Subject(s): History
Keywords: Caransebeș Prison; Eftimie Murgu; revolutionary movement 1840

Summary/Abstract: This year it is fulfilled 200 years since the birth of Eftimie Murgu and 135 years since its death. For this we considered it necessary to recall it in the memory of the readers, presenting the most important moments of his revolutionary activity, beginning with his participation in the revolutionary movements of 1840 and in 1848 following. He was born on December 28, 1805 in the municipality Rudăria of the department of Caraş-Severin. He studied philosophy and law at the universities of Szeged and Pesta, becoming a doctor at Pesta. In 1834 it leaves to Iassi and in 1836 settled down in Bucharest being named professor of Roman law at the College of Sava. He participated actively in the revolutionary movement of 1840, being considered the "mentor" of it. He was arrested, interrogated, transferred to Caransebeş Prison and then to that of Lugoj where he remained until 21 September 1841

  • Issue Year: 1/2005
  • Issue No: 17
  • Page Range: 105-111
  • Page Count: 6
  • Language: Romanian