What is behind that door? About the need of preparing new teachers for entering the school culture Cover Image

Co jest za tymi drzwiami? O potrzebie przygotowania początkujących nauczycieli do wejścia w kulturę szkoły
What is behind that door? About the need of preparing new teachers for entering the school culture

Author(s): Magdalena Grochowalska
Subject(s): Education, Culture and social structure , Social development
Published by: Wydawnictwo Naukowe ChAT

Summary/Abstract: The text regards the place for the knowledge of school culture in the education of teachers. My attention is focused upon the passage from the academic culture to the culture of the world of labor determined by the culture of both the profession and the organization, viz. school. The purpose is an attempt at finding a response to the question how to prepare a teacher – who is ignorant of the logic and culture of the school which will socialize them – for starting their career. A solution I can see is the thesis that due the local nature of school culture it cannot be taught in the course of education, but one should be ready for becoming integral to it. Trying to understand what happens behind the school door means becoming prepared for seeing the reality from a new perspective. Formal education has an exiguous influence upon professional socialization; it does not make one sensitive to the need of conceiving the school life which constitutes a part of culture of place. Although students who have their practices at school determine the conditions for their actions and make use of reactive and proactive strategies, they cannot be expected to be identical with those assumed when they have become teachers. The position of a student at school is radically different from the teacher’s. Hence, the need of developing one’s readiness towards the school conceived as a kind of culture. In conclusion I pay attention to the arising problems related, among other things, to the link between the quality of educational process with the type of the institution which organizes it and the qualifications of academic teachers within the sphere of preparing future teachers for encountering the school as a culture.

  • Issue Year: VII/2016
  • Issue No: 2 (15)
  • Page Range: 61-73
  • Page Count: 13
  • Language: Polish