The Peculiarities of Adaptation of College Students Cover Image

Kolegijos studentų adaptacijos ypatumai
The Peculiarities of Adaptation of College Students

Author(s): Remigijus Bubnys
Subject(s): Social Sciences
Published by: VšĮ Šiaulių universiteto leidykla
Keywords: Peculiarity of adaptation; psychological self-feeling.

Summary/Abstract: This article analyses the difficulties of adaptation of students in accordance with their perspective. The basic signals of a poor adaptation revealed in the scientific literature are: low progress, poor class attendance, poor psychological state, inadequate behavior, poor participation at school activities – does not participate in any after-class activities, behavioral problems – punishment for bad behavior, lack of self-confidence – thinks that the fortune depends only on inborn talents and that none of the effort leads to good results, limited motivation toward the future – has not confident conclusions about the future career. Object of the analysis – the adaptation difficulties of the students studying at the college. Objective of the analysis – is to discover the adaptation peculiarities of the college students according to their own perspective. Tasks: to analyze the adaptation difficulties of the college students regarding their own perspective and to compare the adaptation difficulties of males and females. At the beginning of the research we hypothesized that male students have more adaptation problems at the college than female students. We used these methods of the research: a questionnaire for students to find out difficulties of adaptation. The results are based on the data of 175 students’ proceedings. The results of the analysis reveal that the college students face a lot of adaptation problems. This fact confirms the data of the literature analysis that problem of adaptation does exit in post-secondary educational institution. After the research we found out that female students have more difficulties than male students. The hypothesis that males experience more college adaptation difficulties than females do, did not prove itself. On the contrary, females are the ones who face adaptation difficulties more often. This fact brings the contradiction to the above stated analysis. Still, we can mention the fact that the earlier research done at a secondary school and a similar research at a high school in which the amount of student with poor level of adaptation was not found. Students who have adaptation problems value their self-confidence lower than the students who succeeded in a period of adaptation: during studies girls feel worse than boys, they are more concerned about different things, feel tiredness and prostration. Alternation bad and good moods and insomnia peculiar more to girls than boys.z

  • Issue Year: 2005
  • Issue No: 1(5)
  • Page Range: 6-12
  • Page Count: 7
  • Language: Lithuanian