The British Serbian Relations 1837-1903 Cover Image

Британско-српски односи 1837-1914. године
The British Serbian Relations 1837-1903

Author(s): Aleksandar P. Rastović
Subject(s): History
Published by: Универзитет у Нишу
Keywords: Great Britain; Serbia; diplomatic relations; consuls; cultural links

Summary/Abstract: In this work is analyzing relations between Great Britain and Serbia from 1837, to 1903, when British government decided to break relations because of horrible murder of the last Obrenovich and his wife. The British policy towards Serbia throughout the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century was based on the fundamental principles of its Balkan policy. This policy is a qualify commitment for respect decisions of the Congress of Berlin in terms of maintaining the status quo on the Balkans. Great Britain also fears of the increased Russian influence and expansion of Russophile feelings in the Balkans. The British policy also looked with disapproval upon all other efforts of the Balkans nations to form union, federation or confederation of Balkan states, because such form of state could be direct danger against British political and economic interests in Near and Middle East. Besides political, relations between two states were developed as well as in sphere of economy and culture. There were many British travelers who visited Serbia in 19th and 20th century.

  • Issue Year: 2012
  • Issue No: 04
  • Page Range: 1913-1929
  • Page Count: 17
  • Language: Serbian