1910-1937 Lithuanian terminology of building Cover Image

1910–1937 m. lietuviškoji statybos terminija (iš turimų išteklių)
1910-1937 Lithuanian terminology of building

Author(s): Robertas Stunžinas
Subject(s): Language and Literature Studies, Lexis, Descriptive linguistics, Baltic Languages, Philology
Published by: Lietuvių Kalbos Institutas
Keywords: building terminology; terminologization; derivation; origin

Summary/Abstract: This article deals with analysis of Lithuanian endogenic and old loaned building terminology of the begining of XX century according to origin, structure and development aspects. Overall 1393 terms are analyzed, i. e. 806 one-word terms and 587 composite terms.Of all one-word terms terminologized (specialized) old lexis makes up about one fifth part: akmuo (stone) JodelNorm 2, namas (house) Zubausk 9, sija (beam) Kind 14. Metaphoric and metonymic terms in early building terminology are rather rare. The majority of metaphoric terms are the result of secondary metaphoric nomination: griaučiai (skeleton) Kind 8, grėblys (raker) Šimol 71, metonymic terms are originated according to specific terminology models: lenta (board) StatM 1923 I 8.Three quarters of analyzed one-word terms are derivations. The facts of Lithuanian language dictionary suggest that a large group of derivations could have been borrowed from the folk language: dūmtraukis (chimney) Kind 16. In many cases it is difficult to decide whether derivations are terminologized simple words or newly made. In particular this can be said about transpositional abstracts of verbs and adjectives: aušimas (cooling) Ekz 4, akytumas (porosity) Šimol 20. Only a small group of derivations could be suggested as neologisms. The majority of the neologisms are compound derivations: degplytė (baked brick) Janus 19. Derivations of suffixes and endings are rather rare: slugsnis (layer) StatM 1923 I 20, riša (bunch) Ekz 6.The major part of composite terms are made with the abstracts of verbs and adjectives: patvarumo bandymas (proof of sustainability) JodelTechn 146, atsparumas gniužimui (stability to crushing) JodelTechn 90 and terminologized simple words: dirbtinis akmuo (artificial stone) Iv 7.Most of the terms which are analyzed in this article are used at present. More than a half (56%) of one-word terms are found in modern term dictionaries of building: džiovykla (drying chamber) Iv 45, STŽ 134, kietėjimas (solidification) Šimol 84, STŽ 253, muštuvas (impact maschine) JodelTechn 191, STŽ 351. A significant part of terms are historisms and archaisms: akėčios (harrow) JodelTechn 66, bebras (beaver) StatM 1922 II 18; apsloginimas (reduction) JodelNorm 2, glostimas (smoothing) StatM 1923 I 11.

  • Issue Year: 2007
  • Issue No: 14
  • Page Range: 125-134
  • Page Count: 10
  • Language: Lithuanian