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Adem Demaçi ‐ shkrimtari për të gjitha kohët
Adem Demaçi – writer of all times

Author(s): Rexhep Qosja
Subject(s): Albanian Literature
Published by: Instituti Albanologjik i Prishtinës
Keywords: Adem Demaçi;

Summary/Abstract: Writers League of Kosovo, in 2012, has published the set of ten literary works of Adem Demaçi. In this set of Adem Demaçi’s literary works are included all artistic writings - stories, novels, poetry and drama, with the exception of two fragments of his novel S’ka paqe ndër kasolle, seized by the police during the first arrest of the author on 19 November 1958, which were titled Maliqi and S’ka paqe ndër kasolle. In this set are not included numerous journalistic writings and conversations of Adem Demaçi, even though their number of pages and of volumes is larger than of those published. Due to full and entirely correct recognition of this literary and journalistic creativity, and of his social, cultural and political activity it is made possible to distinguish three phases in Adem Damaçi’s creativity. The first phase extends up to his first imprisonment, on 19 November 1958; the second phase up to his release from prisons on 21 April 1990, and the third phase since his release from prisons up to present. Not only by his language and style, and not only by artistic power of his characters, by the tension of their relationship, by the riches of his embodied meditations, and not only by all factualness, the novel Snakes of blood is artistically and historically scorer novel in Albanian literature. With all its linguistic - artistic value and with all of its historical – literary importance it will be able to be estimated properly and sufficiently if kept in mind that it was written and published at a time when in the state of Albania was reigning the doctrine of socialist realism and when in Kosovo was reigning party- state conformism not only in politics but also in creativity. Adem Demaçi as both, intellectual and creator is a denier of socialist realism and the party and power conformism.

  • Issue Year: 2016
  • Issue No: 46
  • Page Range: 1-34
  • Page Count: 34
  • Language: Albanian