Practical dimension of translation of culturemes. French-Romanian estate Cover Image

Dimension pratique de la traduction des culturèmes. Domaine Franco-Roumain
Practical dimension of translation of culturemes. French-Romanian estate

Author(s): Carmen Munteanu
Subject(s): Romanian Literature, Sociology of Culture, Translation Studies
Published by: Editura Junimea
Keywords: traductology; culturemes; culture; intraductibility; cultural references; translation strategies; Romanian culturemes;

Summary/Abstract: This scientific paper focuses on theoretical and practical aspects of the translation of culturemes. Our interest in this field is generated by those cultural references that appear in literary texts and by the difficulty in finding them an appropriate equivalent in the target language. The objective of the study is to define the concept, to identify and to analyze the cultural expressions of the source language that can be transposed into the target language. We focus on one element, the cultureme. The theoretical part of the study is based on the theory of translation, the theory of translating cultural references and the definition of the concept of the cultureme, while the practical part provides us with the analysis of some examples from Romanian literary texts. We have chosen examples from the novel Moromeții by Marin Preda. We analyze also the translation strategies used by the translator Maria Ivanescu. We agree that the translation of culturemes from the source language into the target language is a difficult process caused by the nature of these cultural expressions. Therefore, the role of the translation process is to harmonize the socio-cultural contexts of the two languages that interact.

  • Issue Year: 2014
  • Issue No: 6
  • Page Range: 91-100
  • Page Count: 10
  • Language: French