Speech intelligibility in the context of hearing impairments Cover Image

Aspecte ale inteligibilităţii vorbirii la copiii cu dizabilități auditive
Speech intelligibility in the context of hearing impairments

Author(s): Liana Angela Mușuțan
Subject(s): Education, Psychology
Published by: Asociația Specialiștilor în Terapia Tulburărilor de Limbaj din România
Keywords: hearing impairment; speech intelligibility; cochlear implant; hearing aids; speech and language; auditory-verbal therapy

Summary/Abstract: Speech intelligibility of people with hearing disability, who are using a conventional or digital hearing aid or a cochlear implant, is an essential factor that interferes in the communication process with people with normal hearing. Without being understood oral language cannot be an efficient and safe way in the communication process, and in this case, the language cannot exercise its primary function of communication.The current study aims to highlight the degree of development of speech intelligibility for students with hearing disability who are using digital hearing aids and those with cochlear implants. Recordings were made with students reading lists of words and sentences, witch played to three inexperienced listeners that had to write down (transcription) the words correctly perceived from the students reading. To establish the speech intelligibility, has been applied The Speech Intelligibility Rating Scale (SIR).The main reason for the selection of this topic is to show that speech intelligibility of children with digital hearing aids and cochlear implant is influenced by many factors that have an impact on oral language development. Among them there are: the type of hearing aid used, the degree of hearing loss, the communication mode used, the beginning of intervention for recovery. Speech intelligibility of students with hearing disability can be improved by applying appropriate strategies and individualized recovery.

  • Issue Year: II/2016
  • Issue No: 1
  • Page Range: 88-98
  • Page Count: 11
  • Language: Romanian