Concept of Biological Evolution in Ancient Greece Cover Image

Antik Yunan’da Biyolojik Evrim Düşüncesi
Concept of Biological Evolution in Ancient Greece

Author(s): Arzu Demirel
Subject(s): Ancient World, Existentialism, Demography and human biology, Ontology
Published by: Uluslararası Kıbrıs Üniversitesi
Keywords: Biological evolution; Ancient Greece; origin of life;

Summary/Abstract: Human is the sole living creature on earth which is able to question its origin and presence. Therefore, many ideas have been put forward about the origin of life by many philosophers and scientists since many centuries. Even though many opinions rose in very early civilizations, first systematic arguments about the biological evolution emerges in ancient Greece with many notable debates such as “struggle of the opposites” and “the aquatic origin of life”. This study aims to gather the remarkable views of the philosophers of Ancient Greece on the process biological evolution.

  • Issue Year: 17/2011
  • Issue No: 68
  • Page Range: 53-60
  • Page Count: 8
  • Language: Turkish