Alhambra – The Affective Place in Chateaubriand's Literary Work Cover Image

Alhambra – afektivni prostor u Šatobrijanovom djelu
Alhambra – The Affective Place in Chateaubriand's Literary Work

Author(s): Jasmina Nikčević
Subject(s): Theory of Literature
Published by: Filološki fakultet, Nikšić
Keywords: Travel; Chateaubriand; Natalie de Noailles; East; Alhambra; interior space; affective topos

Summary/Abstract: More than two centuries have passed since Chateaubriand's last travel through Mediterranean and the East took place, culminating in the presentations in an incredible literary work under the title Travel From Paris to Jerusalim, and bordering, generically speaking, on the thin line between travel writing and autobiography. This travel leads the readers through the complex Eastern spaces (both geographical and spiritual), while the literary impressions lead to the inner reflexion of both the writer and the reader. Exceedingly stylistic and spontaneous in the manner of the best travel writing, it leaves the autobiographical level nuanced and mysterious. Still, this travel writing overshadows the picturesque presentations of uncultivated and cultivated spaces, due to the sensibility and reciprocal susceptibility of the senses and the background, that remain omnipresent in this literary work. It is the same with the author’s fascination with the geography and architecture of Alhambra as the utmost aesthetical and affective topos, place of the love union of the author and Natalie de Noailles. In the rhythm of the unexpected blissful moments, under the sensorial effect of the moon, shape of the sky and domed parts of the buildings, as well as the interior and the exterior spaces that merge, the deep cogition of the affective inner space takes place.

  • Issue Year: 2016
  • Issue No: 15
  • Page Range: 195-203
  • Page Count: 9
  • Language: Serbian