As a Field Researcher Sedat Veyis Örnek and His Contributions To Field Works Cover Image

Alan Araştırmacısı Olarak Sedat Veyis Örnek ve Alan Çalışmalarına Katkıları
As a Field Researcher Sedat Veyis Örnek and His Contributions To Field Works

Author(s): Selcan Gürçayır Teke
Subject(s): Cultural history, Customs / Folklore, Methodology and research technology, Sociology of Culture, Source Material
Published by: Uluslararası Kıbrıs Üniversitesi
Keywords: field work; field researcher; Sedat Veyis Örnek; history of field work; folklore;

Summary/Abstract: Field work is one of the indispensable parts of folklore. When the history of Turkish field work considered, the motivation towards conducting field works and interpretation of traditional knowledge obtained has undergone changes. One of the prominent names who have undertaken significant roles in this progress of change is Sedat Veyis Örnek. He is the scientist who has made unique contributions to Turkish folklore and field works. According to Sedat Veyis Örnek dictionary preparation and field works involve deficiencies. Therefore, he aimed at bringing in scientific and systematic approach to field works. He made considerable efforts to compile data in his field works based on scientific criteria. In this article, Sedat Veyis Örnek’s opinions on field work will be evaluated with citing his books titled as Sivas ve Çevresinde Hayatın Çeşitli Safhalarıyla İlgili Bâtıl İnançların ve Büyüsel İşlemlerin Etnolojik Tetkiki (1966), Anadolu Folklorunda Ölüm (1971), Geleneksel Kültürümüzde Çocuk (1979) and Türk Halkbilimi (1977) that includes his theoretical and practical thoughts related to the field work. His remarks on and methods applied in his field works have utmost importance to understand the progress of folkloric research techniques in Turkey. Resulting from his thematic and in depth approach it has been observed that he has brought scientific dimension in his field works. However, he has revealed inadequacy in interpretation of field work data like his predecessors. Even so, he is an innovative theorist and a competent practitioner in field work studies.

  • Issue Year: 21/2015
  • Issue No: 82
  • Page Range: 299-310
  • Page Count: 12
  • Language: Turkish