Author(s): Grozdanka Gojkov, Ranko Rajović, Aleksandar Stojanovic
Subject(s): Education, School education, Educational Psychology
Published by: Visoka škola strukovnih studija za vaspitače "Mihailo Palov"
Keywords: NTC Learning System; divergent production

Summary/Abstract: A short presentation of the basic findings of an explorative research, in which the possibility of encouraging the development of critical thinking with the NTC learning system was explored, i.e. only the results of its influence on the development of one aspect – divergent productionare presented. This paper is a modest addition to the research of an important question – the psychology of thinking in the teaching process, while the findings indicate the didactic reach of the NTC system. The research was conducted on a purposive sample (N= 23). The theoretical basis is Osborn’s system of creative development, which is founded on the following psychological mechanisms: research and test other possibilities of applying the idea; adapt, modify, increase, decrease, condense, substitute, change the element order, reorder everything, combine two or more ideas (Kvascev, 1981), and Torance’s (Torancce, according to Kvascev, R, op.cit.)system of creative development which is theoretically based on: revealing the multiple meanings of the given facts and increase of the given information value; developing the strategies of creative learning through discovery; developing the motivational components of creativity; the synthesis of empirical research and theoretical generalization; the associative basis for discovery; finding the new on the basis of incomplete facts and insufficiently structured material; the individualization of creative learning according to the cognitive development of the examinee (Kvascev, op.cit). Research method is experiment with one group, while the initial and final questioning was conducted with divergent production tasks (Stojakovic, 2009).The basic findings refer to the following: the statistical relevancy of the development after the application of the NTC system which indicates the relevant positive influence of the NTC learning system on the development of thinking. This therefore confirms the starting belief – assumption about the possibility of transfer, in other words the possibility that tasks saturated with creative thinking, creative imagination, inventiveness and divergent production used in the NTC learning system influence the release from conformist thinking and give more successful effects in divergent production. The didactic implications of this refer to: the effects of the NTC program, the participants in this explorative research confirm the practical aspect of theoretical ideas which reached us as a consequence of the cognitive revolution and creativity research (Ozborn, Torans, Kvascev...).These ideas were expressed practically in the content of programs, with which we can successfully develop the influence of early presentation on the development of divergent thinking, universal material representations…

  • Issue Year: 5/2015
  • Issue No: 1
  • Page Range: 109-112
  • Page Count: 20
  • Language: English