Reflection on the essence of the notion of «choir» in cultural dimension Cover Image

Reflection on the essence of the notion of «choir» in cultural dimension

Author(s): Iryna Lavrentiyivna Bermes
Subject(s): Music
Published by: Національна академія керівних кадрів культури і мистецтв
Keywords: choir; the sun, circle; archetype

Summary/Abstract: The article deals with many-sided approach to the definition of the notion of «choir» in the world and Ukrainian cultural context. The purpose of the article. The research is inspired by the author being interested in semantic invariants of the notion mentioned above and its interpretation in Choral Studies and interdisciplinary dimension. The methodology of the research consists in using both complex and historico-theoretical methods.The methodological approach mentioned above makes it possible to characterize the notion of «choir» from the point of view of various aspects focusing on its origin and close connection with Ukrainians’ lives. At the same time the article outlines the peculiarities of a choir as a model of a group of performers. Scientific novelty of the study consists in broadening one’s perspective on the essence of the «choir» definition from anthropological, sociological, ethnopsychological points of view as well as in deepening its semantic correlation in different peoples’ culture. Conclusions. Reflection on the nature of the «choir» archetype makes it possible to reveal its various semantic shades and define it as a group of performers united spiritually and by common interests.