Budget policy in the economic transformation Cover Image

Бюджетна політика в умовах трансформації економіки
Budget policy in the economic transformation

Author(s): Igor Chugunov, Kateryna Bryzhan
Subject(s): National Economy, Economic development, Public Finances, Fiscal Politics / Budgeting
Published by: Університет Григорія Сковороди в Переяславі
Keywords: budget system; budget revenues; budget expenditures; budget policy; medium-term budget planning; socio-economic development; efficient use of public funds

Summary/Abstract: The subject of research is a theoretical and practical issues of formation and implementation of budget policy in the economic transformation. The article purpose is the disclosure of the formation of budget policy as an instrument of influence on socio-economic development. Research methods. In this paper is used a set of scientific methods and approaches, including systemic, structural, comparative, factorial methods that allowed to realize conceptual integrity of the study. Results of work. The economic nature of budget policy as a tool of state regulation of social and economic development, which is to use institutional levers of budget resources, including the definition of objectives and areas of social development, innovation objectives of economic growth, projected figures on the state budget, state financial control and evaluation efficient use of public funds. Overview and systematized foreign experience implementing mechanisms and measures of fiscal adjustment that will allow its use for improving the basic principles of budget policy, improve the efficiency of budget funds. Developed institutional framework of a regulatory mechanism for budgetary policy in revenues, expenditures, budget deficit and public debt, based on the principles of unity, consistency and effectiveness of relevant relationships between the structural components, including the integration of their impact on the dynamics of macroeconomic indicators. Improved methodological basis of evaluating the effectiveness of budget policy based on criteria of a balanced budget, implementation of quality indicators of budget programs, the dynamics of real gross domestic product; basic principles, mechanisms and instruments of fiscal policy considering priorities of socio-economic development; approaches to formation and implementation of fiscal policy in terms of institutional reforms and the growing influence of globalization on the domestic economy, given the feasibility of deepening the coordination of fiscal and monetary policies that increase the degree of adaptability to the budget architectonics transformational changes and trends in the global economy. Scope of results. Budget policy. Public finances in the system of economic regulation. Conclusions. Budget policy is one of the most effective tools to ensure macroeconomic stability and further acceleration of economic growth. Using tools and instruments of budget policy to support systemic change of financial component of social development should take into account the impact of aggregate economic, institutional and social factors. The impact of budget adjustment depends on the scientific validity of its role in the development of public relations, models of social and economic development. In terms of economic transformation is appropriate a search of optimal balance between macroeconomic indicators and the share of gross domestic product redistributed through the budget system, the degree of decentralization and improvement of quality of budgetary institutions. In order to develop and implement sustainable budget adjustment over a time interval budgetary strategy should be defined on the one hand, given the cyclical economic of the other - the state of public finances and fiscal stability budget system. In the economic transformation fiscal policy has to implement adaptive-regulatory capacity to enter the path of economic growth. One of the main instruments of state regulation of social and economic development is promising budget planning, the content of which is to develop the main directions of formation and use of budget funds in the medium to long term, given the need for the tasks facing society at a certain stage of its development. Further development of budget planning and execution, based on the principles of program-target method requires improving the budget process to implement medium-term, increased focus on budget planning outcomes and efficiency of budget spending. One of the main goals of fiscal adjustment is streamlining the number of budget programs, drafting of the main managers of the budget plan for the next budget period according to the directions of the industry, improve quality of passports and developing integrated assessment of budget programs. preparing budget requests, monitoring budget performance.

  • Issue Year: 1/2017
  • Issue No: 32
  • Page Range: 241-251
  • Page Count: 11
  • Language: Ukrainian