Works of Prose by Ján Rozner and Bratislava (The Writer – the Autobiography – the Town) Cover Image

Prózy Jána Roznera a Bratislava (Spisovateľ – autobiografia – mesto)
Works of Prose by Ján Rozner and Bratislava (The Writer – the Autobiography – the Town)

Author(s): Radoslav Passia
Subject(s): Slovak Literature, Theory of Literature
Published by: Ústav slovenskej literatúry SAV
Keywords: urban space; autobiography; Bratislava; writer as a social role;

Summary/Abstract: The research into the spacial categories is enjoying a lot of attention in contemporary literary theory as well as in interdisciplinary research. In the introduction the author of the paper offers an overview of certain theoretical and practical approaches to the phenomenon of town in Central Europe. Then he deals with the autobiographical works of prose written by Ján Rozner (1922 – 2006), especially the books Noc po fronte (The Night after the Front, 2010) and Výlet na Devín (The Trip to the Devín Castle, 2011). The attention is mainly paid to the analysis of the relationships between: 1.) the literary representation of the urban space 2.) the autobiographical genre and 3.) the writer´s personality. He arrives at the conclusion that in case of J. Rozner´s prosaic work the three theoretical issues are inseparably connected. „Rozner´s“ Bratislava is not only the background in his works of prose, the space effectively contributes to the way the writer artistically captures the basic subject, which is the relationship between the Central European intellectual and the complicated cultural and political history of the region in the 20th century. J. Rozner uses retrospective narration in order to come to terms with his own problematic past and the literary representation of Bratislava serves as part of the process of intellectual „reanimation“ of the writer in contemporary Slovak culture.

  • Issue Year: 64/2017
  • Issue No: 2
  • Page Range: 104-117
  • Page Count: 13
  • Language: Slovak