Do mosquitoes select their hosts? Cover Image
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Czy komary wybierają swoich żywicieli?
Do mosquitoes select their hosts?

Author(s): Jan Boczek, Małgorzata Kłyś
Subject(s): Behaviorism, Evaluation research
Published by: Instytut Badań Edukacyjnych
Keywords: mosquitoes; behavior; host choice; host preference;

Summary/Abstract: Different species and even mosquito populations have a preference in the choice of hosts. It was found that in the selection of the host by mosquitoes are important of external factors such as odorants, body mass, color, relative humidity, the heat of the body, gender and internal factors physiological and genetical. This host preference is dependent upon the relative number of host animals available in the vicinity. Mosquitoes learn and adapt their behavior. Mosquitoes are vectors of many serious human diseases.

  • Issue Year: 2016
  • Issue No: 2
  • Page Range: 31-34
  • Page Count: 4
  • Language: Polish