Motru’s science of everything and his neutral monism Cover Image
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Știința tuturor lucrurilor la Motru și monismul său neutru
Motru’s science of everything and his neutral monism

Author(s): Mona Mamulea
Subject(s): History of Philosophy
Published by: Editura Academiei Române
Keywords: Constantin Rădulescu-Motru; Immanuel Kant; transcendental aesthetic; consciousness in general; empirical consciousness; psychophysical parallelism; double- aspect theory.

Summary/Abstract: Motru’s ontological system, which might be regarded in terms of a “neutral monism”, was intended to reconcile the general idea of Kant's apriorism with some of the results reached by physics and psychology in the early decades of the 20th century. I will argue that Motru’s hypothesis, although labelled by him as “realism”, could be described as a “phenomenal scientistic ontology” based on an understanding of metaphysics as a science of everything.

  • Issue Year: XII/2016
  • Issue No: 12
  • Page Range: 72-84
  • Page Count: 13
  • Language: Romanian