New Outlook on Origin of Janko Hunjadini and his Descendants Cover Image

Ново виђење о пореклу Јанка Хуњадинија и његових потомака
New Outlook on Origin of Janko Hunjadini and his Descendants

Author(s): Živojin Andrejić
Subject(s): 15th Century
Published by: Народна библиотека „Радислав Никчевић“ Јагодина

Summary/Abstract: Hunjadi Janka - Jovana – Janos`s grandfather is a certain Serban (!) - Sherban (?), he is considered a Vlah, father Vajk - Vladislav - Ladislav (+ after 1419) and mother Anko (Elizabeth Morsinai?). Janko - Jovan was born in 1406 and died on 11 August 1456. Janko - Jovan Hunyadi was married to Jelisaveta - Erzebet (* 1410th +10. 7, 1483), sister of Mihailo Siladyi, and with her had a son Vladislav - Ladislav (* 1433rd +16. 3. 1457) and Matija (* 23. 2. 1443 +6. 4. 1490), king of Hungary (1458-1490). The younger brother Janka - Jovana - Janos Hunyadi was called the same as him. His brother Janko - Jovan died in 1441. He had a brother Vajka, and three sisters: Clara (married to Pongrac Dengeledia, who was killed in the Battle of Varna in 1444.), Mary (married to Manzil Arges Basarab) and an unknown sister (married to Peter II Moldavic). According to medieval chronicles Hungarian Janos Hunyadi was the illegitimate son of King Sigismund, and beautiful noble from generation Morzineja. In contrast, Serbian yearbooks, folk epic poems and oral traditions claim that Jovan Hunyadi was the illegitimate son of Serbian Despot Stefan with her daughter of the Vlah Bogut - Budimir. It is believed that these Hungarian and mythical traditions are ahistorical, and are based on the myth that has oriental origins and is based on the Iranian story of Suhrabov`s birth in Ferdowsi`s epic Shahnameh. The fatherland of Kumanis - the latter Vlah`s in Great Kumania – the latter of Wallachia in todays Romania located in the eastern neighborhood of Iran and the other side in the western neighborhood of Hinduja. Thus the origin of the myth clearly proven to be Persian in the Danube region, which emanates in all the myths about the birth of sons of Vlah-Serban Boguta. Before us appears hidden Kumanian-Vlah origin of Janko Hunyadi and the Hungarian King Matija Corvinus. The appearance of the two brothers of the same name: Janko, is puzzling and may be referred to as an proof that they are truly sons of one mother and two fathers: the Hungarian King Zygmunt and Serbian Despot Stefan Lazarevic. The reason Serbian and Hungarian appropriation of Janko Hunyadi can undoubtedly be found in the creation of claims and rights of Janko Hunyadi and his son Matthias on the throne of Hungary but also Serbia.

  • Issue Year: 1/2016
  • Issue No: 1
  • Page Range: 67-86
  • Page Count: 20
  • Language: Serbian