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Zwierzęta w reklamie mięsa
Animals in Meat Commercials

Author(s): Dariusz Gzyra
Subject(s): Social Sciences, Media studies, Ethics / Practical Philosophy, Social Informatics, Victimology, Marketing / Advertising, Business Ethics, Socio-Economic Research
Published by: Szkoła Wyższa Psychologii Społecznej

Summary/Abstract: Alexander Solzhenitsyn once said: “Violence is never used in isolation – it is always accompanied by a lie”. Meat is something that is inevitably linked to violence against animals. In 2005, Stowarzyszenie Empatia published a report “Animals in meat commercials”, which was an attempt to critically analyze images of animals on the packaging of meat products, advertising, and trademarks. Hundreds of gathered examples demonstrated consistency of the use of images of animals, for example: suggestion that the animals are satisfied volunteers for breeding and slaughter. Often, the animals are shown in a humorous and unreal way. Advertising directed to children uses specific techniques, for example diminutive names of goods. Publication of the report resulted in the modification of the Code of Ethics in Advertising provisions regarding the use of the animals’ image. Has anything changed since? Is writing a code is enough? Are the practices of Polish producers and traders unique? Is it possible to talk about the ethical ways of advertising meat, which itself is directly linked to animals’ suffering?

  • Issue Year: 42/2014
  • Issue No: 04
  • Page Range: 8-19
  • Page Count: 12
  • Language: Polish