Theoretical Approaches to Defining the Essence of the Concept

Теоретичні підходи до визначення сутності поняття «податкове стимулювання»
Theoretical Approaches to Defining the Essence of the Concept "Tax Incentives"

Author(s): Оlena Magopets
Subject(s): Social Sciences, Economy, National Economy, Business Economy / Management, Micro-Economics, Sociology, Public Finances, Socio-Economic Research
Published by: Кіровоградський національний технічний університет
Keywords: Taxes; incentives; tax stimulation; tax privileges; tax payers; tax instruments

Summary/Abstract: The purpose of the study is to substantiate the theoretical approaches to defining the essence of the concept of "tax stimulation", to clarify its instruments from the point of sufficiency of indication for interpretation as a key factor of the state's influence on economic processes. On the basis of investigation of the essence of the concept of "stimulus" and "stimulate" in the economy the approaches to interpretation of such concepts as "tax stimulus" and "tax stimulation" have been considered. It has been substantiated that the tax stimulus is an instrument for encouraging taxpayer to certain actions (activities) in the field of taxation; tax stimulation is the process of purposeful influence of the state on tax payers to ensure of their interests in carrying out activities that is encouraged by the state due to the prospect of obtaining additional benefits and improvement of financial and economic condition. The elements of the tax stimulation are tax privileges, tax immunities, tax incentives and state financial assistance. Ensuring the clarity in understanding terminology is the basis for the development of tax stimulation system for economic development of domestic enterprises, national economy and balancing the state interests and the interests of tax payers.