Culture and civilization – connection with the style of life Cover Image

Kultura i cywilizacja jako determinanty stylu życia
Culture and civilization – connection with the style of life

Author(s): Magdalena Bartkiewicz
Subject(s): Politics / Political Sciences, Anthropology, Social Sciences, Psychology, Civil Society
Published by: Wydawnictwo Uczelni Jana Wyżykowskiego
Keywords: Culture; civilization; lifestyle

Summary/Abstract: In the first part of the article we try to define „civilization” and „culture”. Both definitions are multimeaning, not axiomatic and not very clear. In the professional literature concerning this subject, we can find different criteria which characterize the relation between culture and civilization, and: 1. Both ideas are treated and used like a synonyms, 2. The civilization is over the culture,3. The civilization exist in the shadow of the culture. The second part of this work describes the influence of the tradition and modernity on the creation of the cultural models. In the last part we characterize the style of life in relationship with cultural models and the social ethos.