Cultural War and Reinventing the Past in Poland and Hungary Cover Image

Cultural War and Reinventing the Past in Poland and Hungary
Cultural War and Reinventing the Past in Poland and Hungary

The Politics of Historical Memory in East–Central Europe

Author(s): Attila Ágh
Subject(s): Governance, Government/Political systems, Politics and law, Politics and society, Comparative politics
Published by: Wydawnictwo Adam Marszałek
Keywords: Hungary; Poland; East–Central Europe; historical memory; politics of memory; cultural war; reinventing the past

Summary/Abstract: This paper has been based on three assumptions that have been widely discussed in the international political science: (1) there has been a decline of democracy in East–Central Europe (ECE) with the emergence of “velvet dictatorships”, (2) the velvet dictatorships rely on the soft power of media and communication rather on the hard power of state violence that has provoked “cultural wars“ and (3) the basic turning point is the transition from the former modernization narrative to the traditional narrative with “reinventing the past” and “reconceptualising modernity” through the reference to the historically given collective national identity by launching the “politics of historical memory”. The velvet dictatorships have been using and abusing the national history as an ideological drug to consolidate their power. The (social and national) populism and Euroscepticism are the basic twin terms to describe the soft power of the new (semi)authoritarian regimes. They are convertible, the two sides of the same coin, since they express the same divergence from the EU mainstream from inside and outside. Soft power means that the political contest in the new regimes has been transferred from the hard to the soft fields of politics as the fight between the confronting narratives. The victory of the traditionalist–nativist narrative carries also the message that the people are only passive “subjects” and not active citizens, so the field of politics has been extremely narrowed in the “new brave world” in ECE.

  • Issue Year: 45/2016
  • Issue No: 1
  • Page Range: 32-44
  • Page Count: 13
  • Language: English