Higher education market in Ukraine: economic aspect Cover Image

Ринок вищої освіти України: економічний аспект
Higher education market in Ukraine: economic aspect

Author(s): Svitlana Kucherenko
Subject(s): National Economy, Higher Education , State/Government and Education, Socio-Economic Research
Published by: Університет Григорія Сковороди в Переяславі
Keywords: higher education; market of educational services; market of higher education; higher educational establishment

Summary/Abstract: The current status, trends and problems of higher education in Ukraine are analysed in the article. The subject of research is the system of higher education in Ukraine. The purpose of scientific problem is analysis of the current market state of higher education in Ukraine, determination problems and its trends at present stage. Results of work. The current state of higher education in Ukraine is grounded. The development of national education systems defined specifically to each country's socio-economic factors and political conditions that have their peculiarities are determined. The main indices of education financing of different countries are analysed. The reasons that affect adversely on the development of education in Ukraine are determined, namely: political instability in the state, the decrease of GDP (gross domestic product) and GNP (gross national product), insufficient financing for the educational sector (on the whole finance protected expenditure), ineffective use of available resources and leverage influence, imperfect regulatory framework, outdated physical infrastructure, high value of credits, poor investment climate, ineffective functioning of social and legal institutions, «brain drain abroad» and other factors. Conclusions. In present difficult conditions projection educational structures and implementation of new models and training programs, as show the experience of all countries – the process is extremely complex. Partial reforms of higher education did not lead to the desired results. Conclusively, the reforms of the Ukrainian education system must be complex, multilateral and fundamental, competent overcome all the discrepancies between the education and needs of society, manufacturing and social sectors. Building a modern structure of the educational sector should provide optimal conditions for functioning and development of the education system and all its subsystems; implementation of various educational models, being of the educational establishments of various types and forms of ownership, various forms and means of education, guarantee citizens provision of qualitative education, freedom of choice in education.

  • Issue Year: 1/2014
  • Issue No: 23
  • Page Range: 18-25
  • Page Count: 8
  • Language: Ukrainian