Formation of labor potential as a directions of providing economic security in country Cover Image

Формування трудового потенціалу як напрям забезпечення економічної безпеки держави
Formation of labor potential as a directions of providing economic security in country

Author(s): Oksana Getman
Subject(s): National Economy, Labor relations, Economic policy, Human Resources in Economy
Published by: Переяслав-Хмельницький державний педагогічний університет імені Григорія Сковороди
Keywords: labor market; educational market; integrative mechanisms; economic security;

Summary/Abstract: If the effective use of labor potential in all areas of management at the regional and national levels is regarded as one of the most effective directions to ensure the state economic security, then a priority task to solve is ensuring the quality of its formation based on the integrative coherent interaction of the labor market with the educational market, that actualizes the direction of our research.The subject of research is the formation of labor potential. The object of research is the labor market and the educational market in Ukraine and its regions.In our article research techniques have been used, such as: 1) Internet-Survey of employers for the analysis the labor market in Ukraine and its regions from the point of demand; Internet-Survey of employees (applicants) for the analysis of the labor market in Ukraine and its regions from the point of supply; 3) content analysis of the labor market and the education market; 4) logical methods for the formation of the integrative mechanism of interaction between the labor market and the education market.The experience of developed countries shows that a balance between the educational system and the real needs of the economy can be achieved by only a close cooperation of all stakeholders. We can see from systematic research, the educational doctrine formation and training strategy in EU countries and USA is accompanied by the obligatory participation of employers and business entities. In Ukraine, the business is not interested in the disclosure of reliable information about the need to create new jobs and official support for «innovative» the introduction of new specialties.Reducing the number of jobs by 30%, increased competition in the labor market of Ukraine by 2.5 times from 2 to 5 people per job in terms of satisfaction of demand by 70%, while offers of 35% and a substantial reduction in staff costs, it is prudent policy of pay,reformatting the labor market but three regions shows donor in the labor market (Donetsk, Luhansk oblasts and Crimea) are the defining features of the domestic labor market is estimated to employers. The main criteria for the selection of personnel in 2014 are almost the same as in previous periods: 1) experience (including specialty); 2) functional skills; 3) motivation; 4) salary expectations of the candidate; 5) behavioral characteristics; 6) compliance with the corporate culture. Another characteristic trend of the labor market in 2014 is the work with young specialists, which has undergone significant changes. Program of work with the young specialists were implemented only by 33% of companies.It is proposed to implement the mechanism of integrative interaction the labor market and the education market. Proposed by author mechanism includes three main aspects of the education market and the labor market interaction, «employer – consumer of educational services (student) – higher educational institution». As a result, achieving a positive effect is expected on the basis of authority decentralization in the higher educational sphere in Ukraine and its transformation from the conductor/mediator to the coordinator. Thus, proposed algorithm of integrative mechanism aims at adapting the education system to the labor market needs in Ukraine. It will facilitate the effective communication between employers and graduates, further effective hiring of young professionals and thereby reducing youth unemployment.

  • Issue Year: 1/2015
  • Issue No: 26
  • Page Range: 7-15
  • Page Count: 9
  • Language: Ukrainian