Approaches and principles of the regional development disparities’ regulation Cover Image

Підходи та принципи регулювання диспропорцій регіонального розвитку
Approaches and principles of the regional development disparities’ regulation

Author(s): Olga Shevchenko
Subject(s): National Economy, Regional Geography, Political economy, Economic development
Published by: Переяслав-Хмельницький державний педагогічний університет імені Григорія Сковороди
Keywords: regional unevenness; principles of disparities regulation; the state regional policy

Summary/Abstract: The subject of research is theoretical approaches to the structuring of instruments regulating regionaldisparities which prevail in normative economics. The goal of the research is to elaborate and evaluate theapproaches to regulation of regional disparities and formation or improving of the principles of regional disparities’regulation. The tasks of the study is to outline the theoretical approaches to the regulation of regional disparities,the formulation of principles of disparities regulation, the recommendations of using these principles during theworking out the policy which impacts onto the regional unevenness. Methods of theoretical generalization andclassifications, groupings, as well as abstract and logical methods are used in the article. It is shown thatovercoming of the crisis in regions is impossible without gradual state regulation of the socio-economic sphere,thus the coordination of the state and regional interests in theoretical terms is realized through the elaboration ofprinciples of regional development and disparities’ regulation. The term «regional agreement» is characterized andit means the solving of the conflict of interests as follows: in plane spatial development – economic, social andenvironmental interests, also between the state and regions, and between the authorities and civil society. Theresults of the research can be used in the working out of the theory of regional development regulation and theforming of the state regional policy. The principles regulating regional disparities are the following: considerationand coordination of stakeholders interests, of self-reliance and independence, achieving the parity of regulativemethods partnership, self-sufficiency, optimality, capability to perceive the management influence and bilateralismof management, responsibility, exclusivity, logic sequence. The practical possibilities of the implementation of theregional regulation’ principles are shown. It is proved that the principles have no hierarchic view and the choice ofa principle depends on the goal of the state regional policy.

  • Issue Year: 1/2016
  • Issue No: 29
  • Page Range: 203-213
  • Page Count: 11
  • Language: Ukrainian