Unknown Identity of a Pre-primary Education Teacher as a Consequence of the School Reform from 2008. Cover Image

Nepoznaná identita učiteľa predprimárneho vzdelávania v dôsledku reformy školstva z roku 2008.
Unknown Identity of a Pre-primary Education Teacher as a Consequence of the School Reform from 2008.

Author(s): Iveta Sedliaková
Subject(s): Preschool education, Vocational Education
Published by: Slovenská pedagogická spoločnosť pri SAV
Keywords: teacher; kindergarten; school reform; new requirements; identity;

Summary/Abstract: The Education Law no. 245/2008 Collection of Laws on education and on amendments to some acts became a turning point for kindergarten, in the light of new requirements for teacher in his work. In pre-primary education teachers have changed responsibilities has become a new creation of curricular documents, the goals started to operationalize, the planning has started using a new terminology etc. The reform of the school curriculum has brought two-level model designing the curriculum and the teachers for the first time gained autonomy for creating their own school educational programs, which at that time was not good point. The whole start of the reform and implementation of education and training according to the two-level model of education was criticized by many experts and teachers. Teachers were discouraged, disoriented and incapacitated in fulfilling obligations under stress, mentally and physically exhausted, that the positive consequences was not nearly speech. According to several studies, mentioned in the following text, they have changed working conditions, change in the externally defined rules or adversely affect the survival of these changes on the transformation of identity. The aim of this contribution is to arouse the initiative to examine unprecedented new identity of teacher impact of the reform of 2008. The contribution will be presented in three levels. The first is devoted to the description of the consequences of the reform of the 2008 teacher at pre-primary education, the second clarifies the concept of identity in the context of this contribution is a research in the field of transformation of identity teacher. The third level deals with finding the identity transformations of pre-primary teachers following the reform of 2008.

  • Issue Year: 2015
  • Issue No: 4
  • Page Range: 281-293
  • Page Count: 13
  • Language: Slovak