"My policy is Carniolian sausage" Cover Image

"Moja politika je kranjska klobasa."
"My policy is Carniolian sausage"

A couple of Carniolan sausage stains in the Slovenian politics, smearing the Slovenian newspapers before World War I

Author(s): Jernej Mlekuž
Subject(s): Political history, 19th Century, Pre-WW I & WW I (1900 -1919)
Published by: Inštitut za novejšo zgodovino
Keywords: Slovenia 1848-1918; Carnolian sausage; Slovenian press; history; Slovenian politics;politics; political disputes; political controversy

Summary/Abstract: In the period between the Spring of Nations and the dissolution of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, Carniolan sausage did not only fill stomachs. It was also a highly esteemed refreshment, a stimulant for what was initially nascent and later – in the final decades of the period under consideration – already completely awakened national identity. Carniolan sausage had a special place in the Slovenian society and culture. However, what about its place in the political life? It especially had a great symbolic potential and it was a strongly marked object, allowing for various uses. It was convenient, frequently available for various occasions and needs, among others also for a range of »political« applications. The following text limits itself to three Carniolan sausage stains in the Slovenian politics in the period under consideration, smearing the press: the wagging fingers of the Slovenski narod newspaper journalists at the »flexible« – the politicians of moderate national policy in the Taaffe period; the disputes within the socialist camp among Slovenians in the United States; and finally one of the biggest social-political scandals in Carniola before World War I, brought to the boiling point in the atmosphere of the ruthless liberal-clericalist struggle for authority during the so-called Theimer affair.

  • Issue Year: 53/2013
  • Issue No: 2
  • Page Range: 7-22
  • Page Count: 16
  • Language: Slovenian