Romantičarsko-poetski zanos drama Safvetbega Bašagića

Author(s): Almedina Čengić
Subject(s): Bosnian Literature, Theory of Literature
Published by: Bošnjačka zajednica kulture "Preporod"
Keywords: Safvet-bey Bašagić; melodrama; poetic-dramatic poem; rethoric; pathos;

Summary/Abstract: Throughout the history Bosnia and Herzegovina has constantly been exposed to great changes and adjustments. These areas were invaded and conquered by different people, always leaving behind them some of their customs, traditions and cultural heritage. Therefore, it is almost symptomatic that the art of this region oscillated in its ups and downs trying to sublimate its own constant of the value of individual works of art or dominance and significant impact of large art trends on these areas. Extremes, through which they have proved the thesis about the research related to diversity and the impact evaluation on its artistic creativity, have been oscillated from complete negation of the existence of any valid cultural heritage, to the significant studies. Those studies have affirmed the importance of the existence of art and literature in the specific conditions and various national environment. In the framework of literary-artistic creation, drama activity was in falling behind compared to European and world trends. Therefore, its existence even in the smallest segments was extremely important for historical review of continuous development of this genre. The beginning of Bosniak drama was marked by the activity of a prominent scholar, theoretician and intellectual leaders at the turn of the century - Safvet-bey Bašagić-Redžepašić (Mirza Safvet) (1870- 1934). A fragment of his first dramatic work Ali-Pasha was published in the journal Vienac in 1894. The other two texts Abulah-Pasha (1900) and Boj pod Ozijom (Battle by Ozija) or Krvava nagrada (Bloody Prize) (1905) as dramatic self-published poems, they definitely determined him as a writer of romantic style, socially and politically engaged intellectual and artist of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

  • Issue Year: 2015
  • Issue No: 1
  • Page Range: 298-308
  • Page Count: 11
  • Language: Bosnian