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Вински региони во провинција Македонија Втора
Wine Regions in the Province Macedonia Second

Author(s): Trajce Nacev
Subject(s): History, Archaeology, Cultural history, Ancient World, Middle Ages
Published by: Асоциация за антропология, етнология и фолклористика ОНГЬЛ

Summary/Abstract: In the middle of the 5th century AD, when the emperor Theodosius ruled, Macedonia was divided again. Two new provinces with newly formed borders began to exist in a place where until recently existed the provinces Macedonia Prima and Macedonia Salutaris. The city of Thessalonica remained the capital of the province Macedonia Prima, but the borders of the province expanded, regardless of the first division in the 80’ of the 4th century AD. The province now took the territories of south and central Macedonia, including the city of Heraclea. The city of Stobi was assigned as capital to the province Macedonia Secunda and the territories that the province now took were those in the middle flow of the river Vardar, the lower flow of the river Crna reka and the territories by the river Bregalnica. The province Macedonia Secunda was abolished in the period 535– 545 AD, when Macedonia was reunited and referred to as whole. Based on the archaeological excavations so far, there were three wine regions in Macedonia: the Bregalnica region, Vardar region and Tikves region. This paper will present the vineyard in the city Bargala, the wine press in Stobi and several objects found in the Tikves region which refers to an existing vineyard in the ancient site of Beograd.

  • Issue Year: 2016
  • Issue No: 14
  • Page Range: 405-415
  • Page Count: 11
  • Language: Macedonian