Communications Networks and Political Community Cover Image

Kommunikációs hálózatok és politikai közösség
Communications Networks and Political Community

The Use of Methods of Network Analysis in the Research into the History of Political Communication

Author(s): Márton Bene
Subject(s): Politics and communication
Published by: MTA Politikai Tudományi Intézete
Keywords: Political community; radical right; Csurka-study; network analysis; integration; discursive network; political communication

Summary/Abstract: The purpose of the paper is to present how network methods can be applied in the research of the history of political communication and political communities. The study analyses the communication networks of public debate surrounding the so-called “Csurka-study” published in 1992. A total of 168 actors’ referential, discursive and channel usage links were examined, by which it was discovered that the Hungarian public had been largely integrated in this period. The integration was primarily due to the key actors, to the excessive attention of the public as well as to the excluding discourse with respect to Csurka’s study dominating the public debate. A parallel tendency was that commenters more permissive towards the Csurka-study were expelled to the periphery of the public. Under the integrated public, however, the contours of three discursive proto-communities appeared, making the fi ssions of the community represented by the MDF party visible.

  • Issue Year: XXV/2016
  • Issue No: 1
  • Page Range: 48-73
  • Page Count: 26
  • Language: Hungarian