The family planning in the awareness of UKSW students in Warsaw Cover Image

The family planning in the awareness of UKSW students in Warsaw
The family planning in the awareness of UKSW students in Warsaw

Author(s): Jolanta Łodzińska
Subject(s): Social Sciences, Education
Published by: Warszawska Prowincja Redemptorystów
Keywords: family planning; marriage; primitive socialization; bringing the offspring up

Summary/Abstract: John Paul II in the Letter to families wrote “with basic bond, there is a bondbetween spouses. Without it the family is disintegrating, and the upbringingis brittle, imperfect, is causing a lot of problem and in general isn’t bringingthe anticipated effects”. Bonding in the family have a crucial value for the appropriatedevelopment and raising a child. Only and unique parents are justfor child irreplaceable to the life and the development. In the course of theupbringing meeting the need of the safety and loves are most important forthe child development. They are looming these needs into view next: of approval,contacts, self-realization and the like emotional taking back parents tothe child marked with the kindliness and the concern is providing him withinestimable experience accomplishing the important task in the process ofhis socialization. On their base turning the child relative to people and widersocial surroundings is developing. Child this way raised with ease and withopenness is establishing contact with other children and adults. Awareness ofbeing a good parent, preparation techniques for responsible performing parentalroles families are an essence of correct functioning. Therefore so muchis essential so that the family has supporting in legislative institutions.The family constitutes the most universal form of social and personal contactsof the man and is embracing a lot of spheres. There is a defined as naturaland basic cell of the society, in which children are born, socialized and assuch has a right to protection on the part of the society and you “and to” of social,legal and economic adequate protection for providing for full of the development”.Family, for which the marriage constitutes the base – understoodas the connection of the woman and the man – ruthlessly and constructivelyshould be protected by the state. Similarly he is with the parenthood and themotherhood.

  • Issue Year: 2015
  • Issue No: 13
  • Page Range: 457-474
  • Page Count: 18
  • Language: English