"Быдлим в Чехии", или, Специфика чешских заимствований на примере онлайн-коммуникации русскоязычных иммигрантов в Чешской Республике
"Bydlim v Chekhii" - the specifics of Czech borrowings on the example of online communication of Russian-speaking immigrants in the Czech Republic

Author(s): Anna, Vladimirovna Golubeva, Anastasija, Anatol´jevna Timofejeva
Subject(s): Sociolinguistics, Migration Studies
Published by: Česká asociace slavistů
Keywords: Russian language; Czech language; Russian-speaking immigrants in the Czech Republic; Internet communication; majority language; language of the metropoly; sociolinguistic background; lexical borrowing

Summary/Abstract: The article speaks about borrowings from the Czech language through the prism of Internet communication (social networks, forums, blogs), presented by Russian-speaking expatriate community, which is one of the largest expatriate communities in the Czech Republic. This report contains the overview of processes that occur in the immigrant's use of borrowings, as well as the analysis of borrowings on lexical, morphological, and syntactical levels. Word-play is discussed here as well. Authors give characteristics of expatriate's language from 3 various points of view: in light of the language of Russian expatriate community on the whole, from the perspective of Russian expatriate community in the Czech Republic, and in terms of similarity to the processes which occur in the language of the metropoly.

  • Issue Year: 2014
  • Issue No: 2
  • Page Range: 47-63
  • Page Count: 17
  • Language: Russian