Philosophy, Economics, and Anthropo-Techniques Cover Image

Filozofija, ekonomija, antropotehnike
Philosophy, Economics, and Anthropo-Techniques

Author(s): Slavko Kulić
Subject(s): Anthropology, Ethics / Practical Philosophy, Social Philosophy, Philosophy of Science, Sociology of Culture
Published by: Hrvatsko Filozofsko Društvo

Summary/Abstract: he philosophy of the way of life (general, political, economic and legal) requires conceptualization understood as long-term weighing out of what is in relation to what an individual, a social group, a society or the humankind as a whole aims at. Based on the insights of evolutionary biology, evolutionary psychology and evolutionary sociology, it is possible to discern and interpret the engram of human behavior in the mode of production of life in space and time, because of preservation and findings of artifacts, which point towards anthropo-techniques used by homo sapiens sapiens in the acquisition of the goods for the care of the being. The usage of anthropo-techniques in the use of nature requires reevaluation of the meaning and purpose from the aspect of bio-centric or eco-centric value system, because of inadequacy of the anthropocentric value system, which excludes ethical criteria from the use of anthropo-techniques, which jeopardizes the life on Earth. Homo sapiens sapiens has poisoned the food chain of life because of its indulgence in its greed for the material and living worlds based on the philosophy of hunters and gatherers (resulting in petrified minds in modern skulls) and on the economics characterized by violence, which uses anthropo-techniques that leave biocidal consequences on the life on Earth. Liberal thought coupled with such violent economics and abuses of anthropo-techniques demonstrates destructive (rather than developmental) characteristics of knowledge and skills because of their hypothetical (rather than developmentally critical) nature. The cultural meme of violence in philosophy and economics requires inclusion of the cultural meme of morality, i.e. ethical criteria regarding the use of anthropo-techniques in the practice of life. For the time being, philosophy and economics display violence driven by the logic of 'faster and more', thereby disregarding ethical criteria; preference for the cultural meme of profit binds the humankind within the boundaries of animal civilization (resulting in dehumanization) and prevents its humanization, i.e. inclusion of the cultural meme of morality and ethical principles.

  • Issue Year: 23/2003
  • Issue No: 02
  • Page Range: 339-350
  • Page Count: 12
  • Language: Croatian