Virtual archive of personal memories Cover Image

Virtualni arhiv osobnih sjećanja
Virtual archive of personal memories

Author(s): Nikola Mokrović, Tanja Petrović, Živana Heđbeli
Subject(s): Archiving, Preservation, Electronic information storage and retrieval
Published by: Arhiv Tuzlanskog kantona
Keywords: Oral history; a virtual archive; unconventional materials; digital collections;

Summary/Abstract: After a phase of active documentation and system development, the project will continue with reduced activity; interviews that are not processed are transcribed and translated into english; occasionally performed a new record, and overall technical level of the system is maintained and if necessary improving. In addition to creating a unique collection of records as a single software solution, this project is created and specific knowledge of the method of oral history, which is also the historiographical method and the method of documenting. Manufactured knowledge concerns the establishment of new facts and the interpretation of deepening forms of important events that have marked the history of political and armed conflict in the twentieth century. What, except that each supports the other research and advocacy projects documenta and their associated methodologies, and serves as an open knowledge to all interested researchers, the scientific community and the general population. The second type of knowledge produced is a procedural and concerns.The establishment of a clear and precise methodology of work that all actors involved in the project leads through a very clear process. The problem with such extra-institutional created knowledge is typical for similar ventures that are outside of stable institutional structure of knowledge, and that is its visibility and usability in other media and for other purposes such as culture and education. In this situation, the focus of the project shifted to different activities related to promotion of the collection as well as the platforms and their use in new projects; and on another level as various advocacy activities: from use as a source of institutional and non-institutional education to advocacy of the right to truth and reparations.This project represents a specific version of establishing community archives; or repository that actively target, although widely set target group. By documenting individual memories, such access them not only keeps them from oblivion but also actively promoted.

  • Issue Year: 2014
  • Issue No: 17
  • Page Range: 230-237
  • Page Count: 8
  • Language: Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian