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The Populist Moment
The Populist Moment

Author(s): Ivan Krastev
Subject(s): Cultural Essay, Political Essay, Societal Essay
Published by: Фондация за хуманитарни и социални изследвания - София
Keywords: populism; demicratic liberalism; elite; people,social inequality; politics

Summary/Abstract: ‘A spectre is haunting the world: populism. A decade ago, when the new nations were emerging into independence, the question that was asked was, how many will go communist? Today, this question, so plausible then, sounds a little out of date. In as far as the rulers of the new states embrace an ideology, it tends more to have a populist character.’ This observation was made by Ghita Ionescu and Ernest Gellner exactly forty years ago. A time long enough for ‘populism’ first to disappear and then to re-emerge as the major player in global politics. And now, like then, there can be no doubt about the importance of populism. But now, like then, no one is clear about exactly what it is. Is there one phenomenon corresponding to this one name?

  • Issue Year: 2007
  • Issue No: 23_EN
  • Page Range: 103-108
  • Page Count: 6
  • Language: English