The Confiscation of Albanian Lands according to the Memories of Ferhat Draga 1935 Cover Image
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Konfiskimi i Tokave të Shqiptarëve Sipas një Përkujtese të Ferhat Dragës (1935)
The Confiscation of Albanian Lands according to the Memories of Ferhat Draga 1935

Author(s): Nuridin Ahmeti
Subject(s): Interwar Period (1920 - 1939)
Published by: Instituti Albanologjik i Prishtinës
Keywords: Confiscation of Albania ; Lands according to the Memories ; Ferhat Draga ; 1935

Summary/Abstract: As stated above we understand that of all private and wafq (vakef) lands mentioned in this paper, which included agrarian reform, private lands and wafqs from Skopje and Prizren with the surroundings, were the most affected, in the sense acquiring, seizuringof their property, regardless of waqf land was not left untouched even in other regions, such as that of Novi Pazar. According to Ferhat Draga the cowriter of this paper, this reform "groomed orphans, hearts were darkened and people left without bread". But, for the confiscation of waqf property this actionwas consideredas "every person was insulted, also not leaving aside their most precious religious feelings". According to him the religious and national element was the main reason of the expulsion from their properties. If we speak with figures which have been mentioned in this paper it results that lands were obtained: Prizren and surrounding - (Hoca, Poslisht, Zur, Pirana, Landovicë, Krajka and Lubishte) all the wealth of the farmers were taken, while from the village of Great Krusa 19 hectares of agricultural land was taken. Gjilan - 5,000 (five thousand) hectares of fertile land. New Bazaar - 20 houses, 14 hectares of land and waqf land. Skopje - 200 hectares in the Lower Orizare, 45 hectares from Emin Jashari and 19 hectares form Kemal Osman making a total of 264 hectares of private land taken. But, waqf land in Skopje and surroundings was taken: Wafq of Mehmet Pasha (in Zakuqan and Qirilishan etc.), 68 hectares, 80 acres, 77 pieces, and 5km2 and 5 houses.Wafq ofIbniPajko (in Tahtalijç), 6 hectares. Wafq of KasumGazi, 1,883 km2, making in total of waqf land in Skopje, by emphasizing of the testimonies of this paper 74 hectares, 80 acres, 77 pieces, 1,888 km2 and 5 houses were taken.

  • Issue Year: 2015
  • Issue No: 45
  • Page Range: 183-197
  • Page Count: 15
  • Language: Albanian