Background of the system analysis of crime prevention of properties of criminality Cover Image

Формальні процедури системного аналізу запобігання злочинності
Background of the system analysis of crime prevention of properties of criminality

Author(s): Valery Obolentsev
Subject(s): Law, Constitution, Jurisprudence, Criminal Law
Published by: Національний юридичний університет імені Ярослава Мудрого
Keywords: system method; analysis of the systems; prevention of criminality

Summary/Abstract: Raising of problem. Socio-economic processes in Ukraine in the last years require scientific researches which would become the proper theoretical subsoil of reformation of the law-enforcement system.Actuality of theme. Consider perspective a system method in researches of criminology. The analysis of the systems of law-enforcement sphere to this time remains actually not developed.An analysis of the last publications is in this sphere. Researches, where on principles of system method prevention of criminality would be examined, in domestic criminology relatively a bit. O. E. Manokha in dissertation in criminology did an author expound the analysis of «Systems results it system criminology to the analysis in number high-quality indexes of criminality in Ukraine for period 1972 - 1995 y., showed the system of its connections with practice of prevention of crimes. O. Frolova. on principles of the systems exposed practice of criminal punishments in Ukraine. Author specified that efficiency them separate kinds are not identical and system depends on many social factors.Purpose of the article. The аim of article is to presents the results of a systematic analysis of the formal procedures prevent crime in Ukraine.Exposition of basic material. The purpose of crime prevention as an artificial system is defined as the absence of crime - penal violations of existing social relations, preservation of the latter.Purpose of the system of crime prevention - keeping people from violating the legitimate social relations, blockades or start a potential criminal activity.For a system of crime prevention functions can be considered a means of keeping the population from criminal acts and termination initiated criminal attacks.The problem of crime prevention system - inconsistency functions, parameters and structure of the system to its destination.Context of the system of crime prevention - a modern Ukrainian society.Virtual border crime prevention system it is advisable to consider virtual demarcation between the subjects of crime prevention and social relations protectedThe external environment for the system to prevent crime in our opinion are protected social relations.The purpose of system analysis system to prevent crime we mean to the improvement of its efficiency, building generalizing the content model of interaction with social relationships (legitimate and criminal) in modern conditions Ukrainian society.Objective analysis of the system of crime prevention - identifying ways to improve the effectiveness of the system in achieving its goal, to provide advice on compliance functions, parameters and structure of the system to its destination.The results and prospects of this research. Thus the aims of the probed system are grounded in the article; its problem and context of consideration is formulated; the point of view of analyst, scopes of the system, surroundings, purpose and task of analysis of the systems, is determined. In subsequent it must be carried out collection and working of information about the system: historical analysis (genetic and prognostichniy aspect), substraktniy analysis, structural analysis (exposure of conformities to law of co-ordinating and subco-ordinating combinations of elements of the system), functional analysis of the internal and external functioning (adaptive and adapting activity), informative description of the system.

  • Issue Year: 2015
  • Issue No: 131
  • Page Range: 99-106
  • Page Count: 8
  • Language: Ukrainian