Bektashi breath (nefes): A spiritual expression of mysticism through time Cover Image

Bektašijski dah (nefes): duhovni izraz mističnosti kroz vrijeme
Bektashi breath (nefes): A spiritual expression of mysticism through time

Author(s): Stefanija Leshkova Zelenkovska
Subject(s): Music, Theology and Religion, Islam studies, History of Islam
Published by: Naučnoistraživački institut »Ibn Sina«
Keywords: Bektashi dervish order; Tetovo; mystical music; bektashi nefes

Summary/Abstract: In the Republic of Macedonia. Bektashi dervish order has its roots in the 13th century, before the arrival of the Ottomans, through the activity of the dervishes who traveled and settled in this territory. One of the most important and influential tekkes is Harabati Baba in Tetovo, built during the 16th century, which in the course of history has passed through turbulent social ordeals, but still remains a synonym of Bektashism in the Republic of Macedonia. This Tekkein its existence so far has under gone major social challenges and difficulties, but it still remains a symbol of Bektashism not only in Macedonia but also in a wider region. Therefore, the goal of this paper isto present social transformations that followed as a results of socio-political situation after the independence of the Republic of Macedonia. This situation will be presented through a musical tradition as one of the main components of this mystical and theosophical current in the Islamic culture. Music as asublimation of folk tradition and spiritual expressionis modified according to the circumstances through which this tekke has passed. Today these transformations are notice able regarding the ethnic structure and the number of followers which causes changes in the sound picture of musical tradition itself.

  • Issue Year: XVIII/2015
  • Issue No: 68-69
  • Page Range: 129-137
  • Page Count: 9
  • Language: Bosnian