Labialization of the Finno-Ugric *a in the Mari Language Cover Image

Лaбиализация финно-угорского *a в марийском языке
Labialization of the Finno-Ugric *a in the Mari Language

Author(s): Pavel Želtov
Subject(s): Language studies, Finno-Ugrian studies, Baltic Languages
Published by: Teaduste Akadeemia Kirjastus
Keywords: Finno-Ugric languages; Mari language; labialization

Summary/Abstract: The article analyses the origin of the common Mari o (occurring in the Hill, North-Western, Meadow and Eastern Mari dialects), which corresponds to the Mordvin and Finnic а in common Finno-Ugric and genuine Mari words, as well as the opposition of the Hill and North-Western Mari а ~ Meadow and Eastern Mari o which manifests itself mostly in borrowings from the Bulgar-Chuvash language and partly in some borrowings from the Tatar language. It is concluded that the process of transformation of the Finnic-Volgaic *a into the common Mari o (~ Mordvin а) must be distinguished from the development of the а ~ o opposition in certain Turkic loanwords used in Mari dialects, which is a later process. Nevertheless, the ­oppo­sition of а ~ o in Mari dialects, despite being mainly manifested in Turkic loanwords, is not directly linked either with the possible opposition of а ~ o/ô/u in Bulgar dialects or with the opposition а ~ a° between Mishar and Kazan Tatar dialects. This is proved by the manifestation of the opposition а ~ o in those Chuvash loanwords occurring in Mari dialects, which could not originally have had it.

  • Issue Year: LI/2015
  • Issue No: 4
  • Page Range: 247-251
  • Page Count: 5
  • Language: Russian