Unpaid Work in Slovak Households – Research, Results and Correlations Cover Image

Neplatená práca v slovenských domácnostiach – výskum, výsledky a súvislosti
Unpaid Work in Slovak Households – Research, Results and Correlations

Author(s): Marián Kika, Miriam Martinkovičová
Subject(s): Social Sciences
Published by: Sociologický ústav - Slovenská akadémia vied
Keywords: unpaid work; structure of unpaid work; volume and measurement of unpaid work in the households; the social value of unpaid work; family; motives and attitudes to the unpaid work

Summary/Abstract: Unpaid Work in Slovak Households – Research, Results and Correlations. The presented article focuses on the work, namely on the unpaid work in the household. The unpaid work in this form represents relatively new topic. Work as a fundamental inseparable and for many people also the self-evident part of their lives stands for multidimensional phenomenon and therefore it has been a subject of interest of several scientific disciplines. Under influence of globalization especially of modernisation the work changes all the time and it is necessary to catch and interpret its newest processes of change, its new shapes, prosuppositions and sequelae. The interdisciplinary approach is applied where there also the sociology has its place. The contribution offers a cross-sectional view on the research of the unpaid work in Slovak republic. It presents the most important results concerning the volume and structure of unpaid work and its predetermined share on GNP and at the same time it offers suggestive international comparison of this phenomenon. Except of the economic dimensions the autors identify also the crucial non-economic determinants of the unpaid work occurence in the Slovak households in the form of motives and attitudes of family members. The force and social value of this motives and attitudes influence another factors of the occurence and duration of the unpaid work. Sociológia 2015, Vol. 47 (No. 5: 474-503)

  • Issue Year: 47/2015
  • Issue No: 5
  • Page Range: 474-503
  • Page Count: 30