Strategy of Implementation of Ecologically-Oriented Logistical Management of Enterprise’s Production System Cover Image

Стратегія реалізації еколого-орієнтованого логістичного управління виробничою системою підприємства
Strategy of Implementation of Ecologically-Oriented Logistical Management of Enterprise’s Production System

Author(s): Inna Koblianska, Nataliya Mishenina, Eugen Mishenin
Subject(s): Economy
Published by: Інститут трансформації суспільства
Keywords: Ecologically-Oriented Logistical Management; Production; Logistical Technology; Ecological-Economic Assessment

Summary/Abstract: The ecologically-oriented logistical management must be implemented at all hierarchical levels of total system of enterprise’s management. It presupposes ecological and economic assessment of strategic alternatives related to: assortment, outsourcing of production processes, production system layout, used technologies and resources, development of accessory manufacturing, service extension. Strategy of production logistical system’s sustainable development is realized at tactical and operational levels of enterprise’s management by ecological and economic assessment of measures implemented within the range of functional logistical subsystems: supply (volume and rhythm of orders and stocks; choice of resources, routes and vehicles, packing materials, suppliers), manufacturing (mode of facilities usage; technology of interdepartmental movement and storage of materials; quality and production discipline control systems; recycling), nature protection (technologies of nature protection; organization of collection, storage, transportation and reuse of secondary materials; waste management activities), distribution (distribution network layout; choice of retailers; service organization; forming the reverse flow channels), transport and warehousing (forms, means and routes of transportation of raw materials, goods and wastes; parameters of loading of transport; systems of transport activities control; structure and location of warehousing system; mode of warehouse functioning; control systems). The consequences of logistical technology usage are caused by volume of transport flows (pull technologies) or stocks (push) increase. Pull technologies of inbound logistics are more effective comparing with the push ones from the secure logistic system’s functioning point of view.

  • Issue Year: 2015
  • Issue No: 3-4(1)
  • Page Range: 64-67
  • Page Count: 4