Illuminationist Features of Shakespearean Dram Cover Image

Illuminationist Features of Shakespearean Dram
Illuminationist Features of Shakespearean Dram

Author(s): Shahab Yar Khan
Subject(s): Literary Texts
Published by: Naučnoistraživački institut »Ibn Sina«
Keywords: Being and Non-Being; Al-Shu’ara (24-27); the Quranic discipline; Northrop Frye’s concept of a poet; the Human event ‘Perfection’-poet alliance; progression from periphery to center; beatific vision; audience (as) mode of inspiration

Summary/Abstract: Whenever Shakespeare is compared to the great poets of the East or the West, one fundamental difference between him and the rest is commonly ignored. The rest of the poets used sequences of metaphors to capture universal states while Shakespeare presented the states as set of behavior. Shakespearean drama does not depend on quotable quotes, outstanding story outline or psychologically remarkable characterization; it depends on infinite variety of sets of human behavior and relates all he possible mathematical sequences of human nature with all the possible equations. Shakespeare appears to be the only poet fulfilling the Quranic requirements of the model poet. At his stage in the article the nature of the poetic experience is redefined. The present article in this way also deals with the perennial nature of true poetic experience and its essential relevance to the world. It attempts to elaborate the process through which a poet is uplifted in a creative moment beyond terrestrial boundaries and is aligned with the ‘state of Perfection’.

  • Issue Year: 2015
  • Issue No: 67
  • Page Range: 159-166
  • Page Count: 8