The Charter of Hungarian King Sigismund Issued to Restoje Milohna (18 January 1436) Cover Image

Повеља угарског краља Жигмунда Рестоју Милохни (18. јануар 1436. године)
The Charter of Hungarian King Sigismund Issued to Restoje Milohna (18 January 1436)

Author(s): Srđan Rudić, Jelena Todorović
Subject(s): History
Published by: Центар за напредне средњовековне студије
Keywords: Sigismund; Restoje Milohna; Livno; Tvrtko II; charters; Bosnia; Sberchyky; Sobrystye; Buczmyryno; Saderdye; Sagoryczani

Summary/Abstract: The charter of King Sigismund for Restoje Milohna, issued on 18 January 1436, is one of the few surviving documents issued to members of the Bosnian nobility by the Hungarian kings. Information it provides contributes to a better understanding of the policy of Hungarian rulers towards Bosnia in the first three decades of the fifteenth century. At the same time, it reveals some unknown details about Restoje Milohna, emissary, chancellor and protovestiarius of Bosnian kings, his family and possessions. In the period from 1435 to 1436, the Bosnian King Tvrtko II, threatened by the Turks, rebellious nobles and rival claimant to the Bosnian throne Radivoje, fled to Hungary with a number of loyal nobles and court officials, including Restoje Milohna. In mid-January 1436, the Hungarian King issued a donation charter to Restoje Milohna for his loyalty to the Hungarian and Bosnian king, and participation in the conflict against the Turks and rebels. Restoje’s allegiance to the Roman Catholic Church and his support had certainly influenced the king’s decision. King Sigismund’s charter confirms Restoje’s right to Sberchyky fort, which was located somewhere in the territory of the Bosnian Kingdom. The text of the charter does not enable us to determine when and how Restoje Milohna came into possession of the fort but the form of expression suggests that it was not an inherited possession. In the same charter, the Hungarian King confirmed the rights that Restoje, his brother Medoje and cousin Nikola had over villages of Sobrystye, Buczmyryno, Saderdye and Sagoryczani in the district of Livno.

  • Issue Year: 2015
  • Issue No: 3
  • Page Range: 211-224
  • Page Count: 14