Reform of financial administration in the Slovak Republic: reviews of participants Cover Image

Reform of financial administration in the Slovak Republic: reviews of participants
Reform of financial administration in the Slovak Republic: reviews of participants

Author(s): Peter Jakúbek, Juraj Tej
Subject(s): Economy
Published by: Інститут трансформації суспільства
Keywords: Financial Administration; Perception of the Reform; Tax System

Summary/Abstract: The reform of the tax system in Slovakia is part of a complex reform of taxes and levies in the Slovak Republic. The tax reform was supposed to contribute to public finance improvement, but its progress is slowed by many problems and non-acceptance in the professional circles. The objective of the analysis is to contribute to the enrichment of knowledge of the tax system reform in the Slovak Republic from the point of its perception and evaluation by the main players affected i.e. business entities and authorities of financial administration. The study represents the first analysis of the reform of the tax system in the Slovak Republic which is based on information obtained from business entities and employees of Financial Administration. The tax reform began in 2008, while its first phase was completed in 2013. The study is focused on the analysis of this stage of the reform. Suspension of the tax reform in 2013 can be considered as good opportunity to contribute to the professional discussion about continuation of tax reform. The study aims to provide an analysis of the tax reform first phase on the basis of data obtained from business subjects and Financial Administration offices. The data obtained by means of questionnaires from respondents are analyzed and processed by using mathematical and statistical methods on the level of descriptive statistics. Factors that describe six indicators of tax system evaluation have been extracted on the basis of the conducted factor analysis. The verified structure of the tax system evaluation presented in the research is a new view on the examined topic in the Slovak Republic. The study brings interesting findings, which can be considered as a precondition for successful continuation of the tax reform. In particular, the low readiness of the business sector and, surprisingly, employees of the Financial Administration are the factors that negatively affect the implementation of tax reforms. Authors of the study prove a need for changes in the management of Financial Administration, including changes in the system of tax audits, with an analysis of selected statistical data of the Financial Administration for 2005-2013. Article presents actual view on the current state of the tax system in the Slovak Republic.

  • Issue Year: 2015
  • Issue No: 5-6
  • Page Range: 33-36
  • Page Count: 4