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Mediální gramotnost jako obrana proti manipulaci v digitálním věku
Defence against media manipulation – media literacy

Author(s): Irena Žantovská, Petr Žantovský
Published by: Združenie MASS MEDIA SCIENCE
Keywords: Media; digital media; media manipulation; spectacularity; visualization of media content; media literacy; media education

Summary/Abstract: Manipulating practices are a phenomenon that accompanies the media practice almost the entire history of its existence. Trying to influence people‘s opinion through media content, which should act as a neutral statement, but are instead an expression of concrete - albeit hidden - interests (political, economic etc.) takes new forms with the advent of digital technologies and Internet communications. Advantages of Internet media environment - the general availability, constant multiplication, continuous instantaneous updates, interactivity etc. - they are also risks because they enable many new shapes and forms of media manipulation. Therefore we are not enough with traditional definitions of defense against manipulation of which is thorough and effective lifelong media education, thus obtaining individual and social media literacy. All these notions become in the digital media world, new and often unexpected forms. Therefore, media literacy has become much broader and more versatile discipline.

  • Issue Year: 58/2015
  • Issue No: 1-2
  • Page Range: 40-50
  • Page Count: 11