”www. suffering”: A Comparative Study of Websites Dedicated to the Gulag and the Holocaust Cover Image
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"www. suferinţa": O evaluare comparativă a site-urilor Internet dedicate memoriei suferinţei în Gulag şi Holocaust
”www. suffering”: A Comparative Study of Websites Dedicated to the Gulag and the Holocaust

Author(s): Lidia Gheorghiu Bradley
Subject(s): Social Sciences
Published by: Fundatia Culturala Echinox
Keywords: Gulag; Holocaust; Internet; communication; teaching; websites; online exhibitions; online databases; multimedia; oral history

Summary/Abstract: This evaluation of websites dedicated to the Gulag and the Holocaust reflects the situation on the Internet in the spring of 2007 and it is based on an analysis of the results delivered by Google searches. After looking at statistical data about sites on both subjects developed in various countries, we attempt to create a typology of web sites, covering those that represent official government institutions, universities and other educational and civil society organizations, as well as some sites created by independent researchers. For all types of sites we endeavour to point out the features that make them most effective as research and teaching tools at different educational levels, from high-schools to graduate studies, as well as in communicating the knowledge about the horrors of nazism and communism to the general public and the younger generation. Our conclusion points out that the researchers of the communist Gulag must draw on the longer experience of the Holocaust researchers, who, given the fact that the access to information about the Holocaust has been possible since the end of WWII, have been able to gather experience in preparing exibits and teaching units of great impact. Sites that deal with the Gulag could use similar strategies of communication on the Internet to share the suffering endured by the victims of communism with the younger audience.

  • Issue Year: 2007
  • Issue No: 13
  • Page Range: 176-189
  • Page Count: 14
  • Language: Romanian