The Bulgarian minority in Yugoslavian banat under German occupation (1941-1944) Cover Image
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Българското малцинство в Югославски банат под германска окупация (1941-1944)
The Bulgarian minority in Yugoslavian banat under German occupation (1941-1944)

Author(s): Blagovest Nyagulov
Subject(s): History

Summary/Abstract: The author presents the Bulgarian national minority's situation in Yugoslavian Banat during the German occupation, based on newfound documents with diplomatic origin. It is speaking of the Bulgarian Catholics' s community which is formed after the settling in the region Banat during the first half of the 18-th century and autoindentifies as “pavlikyani” or “Bulgarians-pavlikyani” and in Bulgaria it is known as “Banat-Bulgarians”. During this period the population is 4500 who live more compact in seven villages together in other ethnoses - Hungarians, Germans and Serbs. In the article it is analyzed the appearance and the development of two basic problems of the Bulgarian a national minority - about its moving to Bulgaria which is not realized, and about the recreation of the education in mother language in its villages, which is realized during 1942/1943. The two problems are raised by representers of the community and show will for resurrection They become an object of diplomatic drills and deeds performed by the Bulgarian diplomacy before the German occupying authorities. The theme is enlightened compared to the background, formed by the annexing of part of Banat to Yugoslavia after the First World War till nowadays.

  • Issue Year: 1998
  • Issue No: 1-3
  • Page Range: 87-101
  • Page Count: 15
  • Language: Bulgarian