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Традицијата и континуитетот во светлината на етнологијата
Tradition and Continuitу in the Light of Ethnology

Author(s): Petar Vlahović
Subject(s): Anthropology
Published by: Здружение на етнолозите на Република Македониjа - Музеj на Македониjа
Keywords: етнолошко значење на традицијата; традиција; континуитет; историска категорија; народно наследство; културни слоеви; обичаи; културна историја; стар и обичаи; симболи; современ; народен; живот; традиционални елементи; традиција во современи услови

Summary/Abstract: The ethnology, аѕ а complex science researching the culture of living and peoples. рауѕ а great deal of attention to the tradition and its role in аll the spheres of life. Traditions are aimed at preserving the ѕосiаl values, the continuity of which tend to create. develop and maintain the human society. In that sense. the tradition finds its recurrence in the past, to be interlaced in modern life аѕ а part of the cultural heritage of exquisite value, and foster the future development. The tradition iѕ а variable historic category, adjustable to the new conditions of life. These changes аге influenced by the сulturаl and scientific technolgical development. ln that way, the traditionalism iѕ dashed аѕ а negative aspect of the tradition. The continuity could in ethnology be encompassed in folklore heritage. lt links together аll the phenomena апd their components (within the material culturе, creative potentials аnd ѕосiаl life) in а synthesis of traditional folklore heritage. Various roles could be assigned to the traditions and the continuity of their handing down. То that рurроѕе, each generation should set for itself аѕ а scientific and ѕосiаl obligation the tasks of analysing and interpreting the traditions nowadays. which would ultimately lead to easier satisfying the needs and accomplishing the goals of the modern society.

  • Issue Year: 1994
  • Issue No: 4-5
  • Page Range: 5-11
  • Page Count: 7
  • Language: Serbian