Family of Origin and Couple Relationship – Descriptive Approach Cover Image

Familia de origine şi relaţia de cuplu – o abordare descriptivă
Family of Origin and Couple Relationship – Descriptive Approach

Author(s): Irina Coman
Subject(s): Psychology
Published by: Asociatia DIANOIA
Keywords: differentiation of self; attachment; parenting styles; couple; love styles

Summary/Abstract: Family of origin: the biological family, blood related, within which the person was born. Not only the nuclear family members are included in this family, but also all the biological related or adopted members, both on a vertical (multiple generations) and on a horizontal level (relatives). The impact of psychological, genetic and cultural inheritance in this family on one of its members is very important. This paper is trying to analyze the way in which the family of origin of the partners will influence couple relationship of the young adults. And, to emphasize this analysis, I took in consideration both the level of differentiation of self from the family of origin, but also the attachment type and the educational parental style that the persons had reported to their family of origin. On the other side, regarding the couple relationship, I considered the love styles that persons can approach reported to their partner, and also the satisfaction and couple accommodation degree of the two partners. I completed the paper with some psychotherapeutic implications.

  • Issue Year: 2009
  • Issue No: 03 (ro)
  • Page Range: 129-152
  • Page Count: 24
  • Language: Romanian