The Loop and the Spike. Toward the Structure of Interlaced Ornaments of Morava School Cover Image

Omča i spona - struktura moravskih prepleta
The Loop and the Spike. Toward the Structure of Interlaced Ornaments of Morava School

Author(s): Janko Maglovski
Subject(s): Fine Arts / Performing Arts
Published by: Vizantološki institut SANU
Keywords: ornaments; Morava school; loop; spike;

Summary/Abstract: In this article the author observes limited number of laced motives applying a working model of loop and spike. This simple pattern — being used as a model for analising the headpieces in manuscripts and the ornamental motives of interlaced patterns in architectural sculpture of Morava School — has been found in a Serbian manuscript of Panteleimon Monastery (Rossikon) on Mount Athos (MS 2, fol. 82r). A loop, similar to an iron link of a chain, has been clasped by a spike resembling the common paper clip in designe of this vignette (fig. 1). The principal idea of theoretical approach proposed by author was that the spikes make the structure fast or do fix it based on certain display of loops. Proposed model, in visual (fig. 1) as well as verbal sense (loop and spike), can be of good effect by describing simple or not too complicated interlaced patterns. In case of the in labyrinthine way designed examples, the working model should be replaced, totally or only in part, by a concept found in terms of weaver's craft: warp and woof. As an introduction to this article the author brings the summary of two earlier papers of his own (cf. notes 5 and 7) as well as the important one of prof. V. Korac (cf. note 16) — for reson of geometric disposal and simple designed elements of examined patterns. The author's intention was to show the importance of paying attention to geomertic scheme and auxiliary net of diagonals in examined exempla. This geometry serves to enable the correct creation of the shapes of cords (yarns, vines, stalks etc.; see fig. 8) to be transformed in a designe of interlaced ornaments. After the author's opinion the appearance of floral or vegetal motives in that kind of ornamentation can be a testimony of origin of the interlaced patterns in fantastic botany. This statement can be clearly proved in squere headpieces with animals, of what in oblong examples only a hint can be find. After observing of certain number of interlaced designes in manuscripts and shallow stone carwings on the churches of Morava scool, it can be said that the warp (loop) usually is found to be simpler than the woof (spike). The same was the case in marginal marker (fig. 1) used in this analysis as a model to approach the problems of structure of interlaced ornaments. The second member of the choosen model, adressed as spike or woof, shows its character as pictorial one. The picturesqueness of woof can be better observed on the compound ornamental structures. The labyrinthin interlacings of woo/are limited by geometric settings of warp.

  • Issue Year: 2006
  • Issue No: 43
  • Page Range: 255-281
  • Page Count: 26
  • Language: Serbian